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First we help you, then we guide you how to help yourself.

Our services can be accessed online where appropriate or in person and comply with Covid-19 guidelines. Learn more

Therapy gives the individual the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. 

Engaging in support with a therapist can help the young person on their challenging journey while being supported in a safe environment.  Play therapy and counselling offers a safe environment for children to express their emotions, their feelings and explore their understanding of what may have caused them to feel this way.


We use a therapeutic holistic approach. The strategies used in sessions will depend on the child’s age, situation and their development. There are a number of strategies that may be used to encourage children to express their feelings; through therapeutic play such as art, books, stories, talking and listening. Using feelings of specific characters can help them understand the emotions and, in turn, encourage them to discuss their own feelings.


Drawing, painting or drama can help the child express themselves through the arts. Children may benefit from the sessions that we provide which can contribute in helping them to feel empowered and build up good self - esteem. We provide an accepting and confidential environment in which our clients can safely explore and reflect on life experiences and personal challenges which are causing distress, or on aspects of their life which are causing them to feel stuck.

Therapy can help children and young people to make sense of sad, angry, painful or confusing feelings and thoughts. It usually has a beneficial effect on relationships at home and on behaviour, as children become less preoccupied or better able to concentrate.

With the support of an empathic and non-judgemental professional's, the aim is for all to feel safe to move towards personal growth and change.

Common child-related issues that can be managed with support include:

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Behavioural Changes

Anxiety & Depression

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& Loss





Trauma & Abuse

Friendship difficulties

& Social Anxieties

How we can help you

Providing assistance to professionals and agencies

We offer local authorities, agencies and schools a range of therapeutic interventions to support the children, young people and families we work with.

Due to our working experience in children's services, in the local authority, we are aware of the pressures of heavy case loads and budget cuts while still offering the support and services that children and families need. As a result we would like to jointly work with you together collaboratively to help the families you serve and work with. By offering both tailored one-to-one therapy (online or face to face) and group work, we help create positive outcomes for children by making the family environment stronger and improving placement stability.

What can we do to help you and your family?


Therapy for the whole family

Perhaps you feel your child's behaviour is hard to improve, or that you are the only one struggling to handle them, or maybe you know they had a challenging start in life, but you just don't know how to proceed.

We are experienced and compassionate therapists who provide a judgment-free environment where you can explore the issues you are experiencing and develop an insight that will enable your family dynamics to be adapted and evolved.

We offer individual one-to-one therapy sessions both in person and online. We can work in partnership with your social work team. However we understand that not all families will have an allocated social worker involved in supporting your family. You may have a private arrangement order between your families or you may recognise that your family or child would benefit from therapeutic work. 


F.A.C.E also offers supervised contact space. Supervised contact is used when it has been determined by a court that a child is at risk of suffering harm during contact with a parent or parents. The court will usually refer the case to a CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) officer, local authority or another child contact centre.


We want to help families like yours feel stronger, happier and more stable. ​

If you are supporting a child you have adopted or you are a Special Guardian for a child in your family, you may be able to access funding from the Adoption Support Fund to cover the cost of our therapeutic services. This needs to be applied for by your social work team.

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